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Grant Information

Woka accepts grant applications through invitation only.

Grants: News
Silhouetted giant kelp, Macrocystis pyri

2021 Grants

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Global Mangrove Alliance LOGO-COLOR-vertical.png

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting the conservation, characterization, and scaling of Traditional Rice Varieties while increasing farmers' income through ecofriendly and sustainable cultivation in Tamil Nadu State, India.

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Innovation:  Supporting the growth of startup climatetech entrepreneurs, improving the opportunities for decarbonization across key GHG-emitting sectors, and expanding Greentown’s climatetech ecosystem.

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Education: Supporting an expansion of IPL’s Cool Congregations and Faith Climate Action Week programs to provide educational resources about reducing carbon emissions in facilities and theological resources for faith leaders to preach and teach on care for Creation.

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Regenerative Agriculture: Funding to address racial injustices in regenerative agriculture through formation of two racial equity peer education cohorts in the Chesapeake and California regions.


Gender Equity/Education/Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting education, regenerative agriculture, and microfinance

programs for women in refugee camps and surrounding communities in northern Uganda.

Regenerative Agriculture: Funding for conservation of mangrove ecosystems, implementation of evidence-based restoration practices, and building awareness of the critical role mangrove forests play in mitigating climate change and providing economic prosperity for coastal communities.

Nurturing Mind-logo__hi-rez_full.png

Education/Gender Equity: Supporting SEGA Girls’ Secondary School, a secondary boarding school for girls which provides a quality education for vulnerable Tanzanian girls, with an emphasis on leadership, social responsibility, and environmental care.

Quivira Coalition_Logo.png

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting a shift from extractive to regenerative agriculture in the arid working lands of the western US through carbon-beneficial practices, mentoring new agrarians with experienced regenerative ranchers, sharing ideas and resources, collaborative watershed ecosystem restoration projects, and facilitating tribal-led land stewardship.

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Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting construction of a scalable 10,000 m² of Marine Permaculture floating array to demonstrate how deep-water irrigation accelerates seaweed growth and leads to healthy fisheries and other ecosystem services traditionally provided by seaweed biomes.

Reerative Farms high-res.png

Regenerative Agriculture: Funding documentation of RF’s bioregional development hub model, revision of their strategic plan, and development of a funding plan to support their planned capacity growth.

RAN Logo bl-gr.jpg

Regenerative Agriculture: Funding for the Forests Program to prevent deforestation and encroachment of logging and industrial agriculture into tropical rainforests.

FORGE-Color-TAGLINE logo.png

Innovation: Helping cleantech start-ups solve crucial manufacturing readiness and supply chain gaps through introductions to supply chain expertise, on-site manufacturing workshops, and Project Development Grants that help support production of a physical product.


Regenerative Agriculture/Education: Funding an expansion of the Beginning Farmer Incubator and Training Program which provides aspiring farmers experiential knowledge and confidence to run their own farms; and helping launch the Farm and Climate Program to help farmers optimize soil health, biodiversity, water quality, and climate stability.

Regenerative Agriculture: Funding to transform agriculture through perennial grain breeding research and development, researching the social impacts of transitioning to perennial grain agriculture, and studying the impact of ecological intensification - biological diversity that promotes ecosystem health.   

WBLT logo snipped.PNG

Regenerative Agriculture/ Education:  Supporting implementation of detailed plans for land stewardship, education and training, and scientific research at the newly acquired Jalama Canyon Ranch to facilitate rapid and broad adoption of regenerative agriculture locally, regionally, and globally.

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting development of an agricultural hub in the Midwest U.S. to create and implement a systems-informed strategy on regenerative agriculture as a method to reduce the threat of climate change.


Innovation: Contributing to VertueLab's Climate Impact Fund I, which will invest in early-stage Pacific Northwest clean technology start-ups in an effort to reduce 20 million metric tons of GHG emissions by 2050.

Innovation: Funding a fellowship empowering hard science innovators in clean energy and climate technology with the resources needed to translate ideas from lab to first product. 

Green America_logo - USE THIS - raised f

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) by assembling case studies of farmers with robust soil health systems, conducting Farmer-to-Farmer learning, and creating a commitment program for brands to source from suppliers that meet SCI standards.

Ashoka blue adjusted.png

Changemakers: Funding the selection and work of Ashoka Climate Fellows working in South and Southeast Asia on the most important big system-change ideas to re-balance our relationship with the planet.

IBI color logo.jpg

Regenerative Agriculture:  Supporting FORA as a Founding Funder with general operating support for the first five years. Also funding for the

.PEER fund : Promoting Ecological and  Economic Resilience, promoting regionalized, just, and regenerative food and fiber supply chains. 

Mag Ag logo.jpg

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting the development of new market outlets for crops and products as well as access to capital to help farmers accelerate the transition to regenerative and organic agriculture.

NEX logo color bg.png

Innovation: Improving cross-organizational functions in priority markets, building a renewable energy entrepreneur support ecosystem in Nigeria, and scaling to new audiences through an online start up school and related technology strategy.

Regenerative Agriculture: Funding a capacity building initiative to deveop the staff and programs needed for IBI to lead the biochar industry to scale quickly and promote the responsible manufacture and use of biochar in diverse applications  to mitigate climate change while improving soils and materials.

Gender Equity: Providing funding to mobilize support for gender-just & environmentally sound solutions and enhanced access to climate finance for women and local communities innovating with solar co-ops, agroecology and seed-saving, clean cookstove initiatives and rainwater harvesting technology.

GW Logo.png

Regenerative Agriculture: Supporting GreenWave’s goal to train 10,000 farmers to scale the environmental and economic impact of their regenerative ocean farming model using a digital resource platform.atform

global greengrants snipped.PNG

Gender Equity: Supporting the Women's Environmental Action Initiative to strengthen their grassroots projects that promote women's climate justice leadership to facilitate access to clean water and food, and participation in decisions about natural resources on which their livelihoods depend.

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Grant amounts range from $70,000 to $700,000.  Invited requests for multi-year grants are considered.

We use the following criteria to select organizations to invite to submit a grant application :

  1. Alignment with Woka Foundation’s mission, guiding principles and guiding priorities

  2. Clear and substantive fit within one or more Focus Areas

  3. Need for funding due to gaps in resource availability or funder attention

  4. Involves local and affected people in a meaningful way

  5. Strong and creative leadership

  6. Organizations that have a track record of success

  7. 501(c)3 public charities 

If you are aware of an organization or project that fulfills these criteria, you may reach out to us through the "Contact Us" page.

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