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Current Focus Areas

Current funding focuses on reversing climate change and building a durable biosphere through innovation, regenerative agriculture, gender equity, and education.


We provide funding for innovators working on nascent-stage science-related climate solutions working to reduce, eliminate, or produce negative carbon emissions through development of new technology in clean energy, materials, transportation, and building.

Engineering Class
Hands in the Soil

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a system of agricultural practices that revitalizes soils, enhances biodiversity, and increases water absorption and organic matter in the soil.  Not only do these practices contribute to the sustainability of food production, but they sequester significant amounts of carbon in the soil through the buildup of organic matter.


We support projects and programs that intend to transform the cultural view of climate change and/or a consumption-based economy. In addition, we support environmental literacy programs in schools and community organizations, especially programs that include experiential learning and a connection with the outdoors.


As the primary caretakers of family, community, and land in many cultures, women are critical in building family and community resilience during times of change and adversity.  We support work that focuses on sharing leadership across genders, and on educating and empowering people of all genders in order to build grassroots movements toward community self-reliance and resilience. These community-based solutions are crucial to reaching an equitable, low-carbon world.

Children in the Garden

Gender Equity

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